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More than 20 years of experience in development of specialized economic software and methodology



Our company offers software solutions specifically intended for municipalities. A specific setting in the accounting system allows to manage the paragraphs according to activities, functions and groups. The cash report and the trial balance can be completed directly in the accounting programme. Keeping contracts. Statement of reconciliation of accounts and paragraphs. Consolidation of all kinds of monthly and quarterly statements. Financial Management and Control system.
Financial Management and Control system – electronic storage and presentation of the applicant rules and procedures. Thanks to this system, the internal regulatory set-up of any organization can be perfectly systematized and with the appropriate authorization, the access to it is easy and convenient. You are able to edit or add new content, as well as to create check lists.Learn more ...

EasyCheck - A Total Audit Solution

EasyCheck (AuditDesktop) is a comprehensive solution, combining all tools necessary to automate the complete process of planning, conducting and documenting an audit engagement. Here, in a single software product are combined functionalities that you would usually find after combining different software solutions.

Тhe product is available in two separate editions, each covering the specific needs of its particular field:

  • AuditDeskop – EAE (External Audit Edition) aims to cover the needs of external auditors who conduct audits such as “Audit of Financial Statements”, “Audit of Internal Controls over Financial Reporting” and “Compliance Audit”. The program includes features such as risk assessment, determination of materiality and sampling.
  • AuditDeskop – IAE (Internal Audit Edition) is specially tailored to the internal auditors' needs. In addition to the features mentioned above, AuditDeskop – IAE, includes tools for risk-based strategic and annual planning, risk register, automated audit reporting and many more.

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What Makes Ada – Soft a company with a difference ?

Ada – Soft is a reliable partner that will be there for you when you are in trouble. It is not customary for us to give out advertising calendars at the end of the year. We are at your disposal whenever you need us, so you are our advertisement. The majority of our clients have found out about us not from large-scale advertising campaigns, but from their colleagues satisfied with our services.

We develop and distribute flexible software which provides customized services in accordance with the needs of the business activities of the client. Ada – Soft continuously adopts new technologies and practices in order to foresee the future needs and to accelerate the processes in your business by using the most appropriate software products. The optimized business processes inevitably reduce costs and improve the effectiveness and quality.

Why to choose Ada – Soft ?


Ada – Soft actively cooperates with its clients with the aim to determine the technologies and the methods which will greatly improve their business processes and activities and this will accordingly lead to higher productivity and competitiveness.

Each of our clients, be it small, middle-size or large companies and state-owned enterprises, has its own specific characteristics and goals to achieve.

Through assessment and analysis, Ada – Soft helps its clients to find the best way to achieve their business goals by developing of comprehensive informational solutions and/or separate programme products within reasonable periods of time.

When we offer a technical solution to its clients and partners, we take into account not only the momentary solution, but the environment of your business, the price of the options, as well as the long-term optimization. To this end, we employ standard practices established in a competitive environment in various lines of business. Thus, we guarantee the smooth and gradual future development of your infrastructure.

Our profound technical and administrative expertise allows us to precisely and specifically assess the advantages and disadvantages of a particular informational system or infrastructure and to find the optimal solution which meets your needs, requirements and budget.

Ada – Soft’s offers are highly competitive as the company provides excellent quality of services and products at really reasonable prices.