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EasyCheck Internal Audit Edition

EasyCheck (AuditDesktop)Internal Audit Edition is specially tailored to the internal auditors' needs. The product includes tools for risk-based strategic and annual planning, risk register, automated audit reporting, risk assessment, determination of materiality, sampling and many more.

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We changed the name of the product to AuditDesktop for markets ouside Bulgaria.

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EasyCheck is a flexible software product which provides the execution and adjustment financial audit methodology.

EasyCheck organizes all the documentation in compliance with the respective phases and processes of the financial audit. Thus this unique product allows automated summarizing of all the questions to be discussed with the team and the management of the enterprise as well as the issues related to the next financial audit written down in the different audit documents. Each document concerning the audit can be marked as closed off, checked or not checked. Each audit document has an automated connection with the error table.

EasyCheck presents your activities in connection with the audit engagement in a concise and elegant way so that the steps of your work can be clear and transparent as far as both the quality control and the auditors’ team are concerned. It provides perfect documentation alongside dynamic planning of a multi layer process like the financial audit.

EasyCheck possesses a number of functions which can be adjusted in detail with the aim to encompass the various auditing practices in accordance with the international auditing standards.

EasyCheck is your reliable partner in the documenting of the audit procedures. This will increase the accuracy of your work and make it easy and enjoyable. The electronic nature of the product guarantees its high mobility as all the documentation with all the respective comments, notes, checks, corrections, errors and procedures will be organized in an electronic auditor’s dossier.




It comprises the entire audit process and is a ready auditor’s library which contains working documents and steps that follow the logics and consistency of steps as recommended by the International Standards on Auditing. The working documents attached are in compliance with the requirements in the check questionnaires as adopted by the Council for Quality Control of Audit Services.
The audit approach leads the user in the implementation of separate procedures. It has been developed to meet the needs of small auditor’s practices in performing audits of SME.


Use the product whenever you wish and however you need with no investment in:

- Infrastructure
- Licenses for Operating System
- Licenses for MS Office Suite
- AuditDesktop Licenses

Everywhere and anytime, on Mac, PC or mobile device with Windows, iOS or Android.