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AuditDesktop - Audit Like Never Before

AuditDesktop is a comprehensive audit solution, combining all tools necessary to automate the complete process of planning, conducting and documenting an audit engagement. Here, a single software product comprises functionalities that you would usually find after combining different software solutions.

Тhe product is available in three separate editions, each covering the specific needs of its particular field:

  • AuditDeskop – EAE (External Audit Edition) aims to cover the needs of external auditors who conduct audits such as “Audit of Financial Statements”, “Audit of Internal Controls over Financial Reporting” and “Compliance Audit”. The program includes features such as risk assessment, determination of materiality, and sampling.
  • AuditDeskop – IAE (Internal Audit Edition) is specially tailored to the internal auditor's needs. In addition to the features mentioned above, AuditDeskop – IAE includes tools for risk-based strategic and annual planning, risk register, automated audit reporting, and many more.
  • AuditDeskop – Compliance is maintaining compliance audits.

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