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About Us
We at Adasoft strongly believe that better results can only be achieved when those charged with governance have the complete information about their business readily available, easily accessible, and on time.
We are a product company, developing and distributing innovative software solutions that help our clients do their daily routines with a smile.

Our Motto
Our motto is "Single Click Away", which means that we are developing and distributing intelligent solutions and all the information that our clients are searching for is easily accessible and comes right on time.

The Foundation
The company was founded in 1993 by Ms. Eleonora Bilbileva, who holds a Master's degree in Electronics and is a Certified Public Accountant, and Ms. Zorka Panayotova, who holds a Master's degree in Economics and a diploma in Accounting.

Initially, our company started distributing and implementing a Payroll system; shortly after that, it proceeded with another accounting system. Twenty-five years later, the companies behind those products are still our partners and we are their main representative in the country.

The Name and the Brand
We are registered as ADA-SOFT Limited. Nevertheless, our brand is Adasoft. You will find information about us either under the registration name or the brand.
As the company was founded by two ladies, they decided that it would be a token of pride to name it after Augusta Ada Byron, daughter of the famed British poet Lord Byron. Better known as Ada Lovelace, she was a brilliant mathematician, recognized as the first software developer in the world who wrote the first computer program. If interested, you could find more information about Ada here.

Our Mission, Vision, and Goals

Our mission is straightforward: deliver simple yet intelligent software products that are of great value to the people who use them.

Having dedicated ourselves to improving the lives of our clients, we strive to improve with each new day. Our goal is to revolutionize the market and provide SMEs with total solutions, so that they can compete with the biggest players in the market.

About Us

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Sofia Office
Poligona, bl.43, ent.1-Offices, Office 5
Sofia 1750, Bulgaria
+359 886 299 300

Pazardzhik Office
13 Georgi Benkovski Blvd.
Pazardzhik 4400, Bulgaria
+359 34 44 27 65

London Office
152 - 160 City Road, Kemp House 
London EC1V 2NX, UK
+44 207 175 2200