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Adasoft.Office.Analytics is an easy and convenient tool for audit sampling, fast data analysis, possible fraud detection, and preparing substantive tests. The software supports the most commonly used sampling methods and valuable features that auditors can apply directly to their work.

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Adasoft.Office.Analyticsis an MS Excel add-in that allows auditors to quickly and efficiently analyze data and prepare audit samples and substantive tests. The tool supports the following types of audit samples:


  • Froad detection based on Benford law analysis
  • Duplicated values
  • Gap analysis
  • Related Party

All Audit samples, tests, and data analysis functions are designed to display all the information initially on the screen. In addition, the software shows various statistical information like the number of records, population size, the part of the population that the current sample is covering, etc. It helps the auditor receive comprehensive knowledge of the data and make an informed decision.


Adasoft.Office.Analytics allows the preparation of combined audit samples. For example, the auditor can Stratificate the data and then apply "Top value sample" to selected strata. This way, auditors can quickly narrow the volume of data examined and express an opinion with maximum confidence.

For all audit samples and tests, the software prepares ready-to-use documents for testing the data that can be attached to the audit documentation. The auditors can confirm the values or note the difference with just a few clicks. The tool will immediately calculate the total amount of all mistakes and whether they exceed the specified materiality.


Test the software for free! Download a free version here:

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1. Intro

2. Monetary sampling with fixed and random interval

3. Random sample

4. Stratification by amount, text or date

5. Top value sample

6. Border sample

7. Systematic sample

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